2014 Healthy (& Yummy) Start!

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Ode To Chocolate


Personal Paleo Funnel Cakes With Dark Chocolate Drizzle

What's the logical thing to do after recovering from the food coma that is Thanksgiving? Make funnel cakes, obviously! (<-- You thought I was going to say start a detox or something, didn't you? Oh how little you know me ;)) Ah, those light and fluffy little treats you … See Recipe >>

Paleo Cashew Butter Cups

Salted Maple Cashew Butter Cups

Saturday's are always busy in our house. We usually have a play date scheduled and a bunch of errands to run. When we get home, all anyone wants to do is plop down on the sofa. Relaxing, to me, usually includes some spicy chai and a good book...my kids? Not so much. They're … See Recipe >>

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